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Silver Stocks Look Poised to Move Higher

February 14, 2019 Uncategorized

Since late December, silver and related precious metal commodities have proven to be some of the best investments for those looking for a hedge against geopolitical uncertainty and heightened market volatility. While prices have rallied tremendously over a short period of time, in this article, we’ll take a look at three silver-related charts that suggest the move is …
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Inflation Is Here!

February 16, 2018 Stock Market / Economics

What does that mean for gold??  Everything! Let’s start with the following charts. UIG Measures and 12-Month Change in the CPI+ Source: Authors’ calculations, based on data accessed through Haver Analytics. Note: The shaded areas indicate periods designated recessions by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The UIG (Underlying Inflation Gauge) captures sustained movements in …
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Housing Affordability Index – Traditional

February 1, 2018 Stock Market / Economics

C.A.R.’s Traditional Housing Affordability Index (HAI) measures the percentage of households that can afford to purchase the median priced home in the state and regions of California based on traditional assumptions. C.A.R. also reports its traditional and first-time buyer indexes for regions and select counties within the state. The HAI is the most fundamental measure of housing well-being for …
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GOLDMAN SACHS WARNS: There’s a ‘high probability’ of a stock market correction in the coming months

January 29, 2018 Stock Market / Economics

© Provided by Business Insider trader upset distraught Add Goldman Sachs to the list of Wall Street firms growing increasingly skeptical about the stock market’s record-setting run. The firm’s global equity strategy team weighed in on Monday, noting that worldwide stock markets are off to their best start in more than 30 years. Their performance …
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